LievenseCSO Sint Maarten


LievenseCSO St. Maarten is our local branch office in the Caribbean. It certainly is one of the major and highly regarded civil engineering consultants at St. Maarten, providing a broad range of services for the design and the construction of civil infrastructure such as roads, tunnels, bridges, flyovers, retaining walls, culverts, drainage and sewerage, as well as buildings, and hydraulic and coastal works.


At St. Maarten our local branch office works for both private and public clients, including oil and utility companies and the port and airport authorities. This well-equipped office, employing some 15 professional staff,  also supports work under our assignments for the nearby islands Saba and St. Eustatius. They are fully acquainted with local environmental and socio-economic conditions and requirements which enables them to identify optimum solutions for every inquiry and problem.


In preparatory project phases LievenseCSO St. Maarten can provide data collection such as traffic counts and analyses, and coastal surveys such as flow and wave recordings, float measurements,  water and bottom sampling and analysis. Based on these data they can provide project plans, feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed design, tender preparation and assistance, and construction management and supervision.